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The story of Bikingboundlessly starts with an adventure-seeker born in Berlin.

Life is better on bicycles – Lukas Sentner is a European slow traveller and calls himself a cycling enthusiast.  Since 2018 he pushed his bike more than 10.000km by passion around the globe. In the course of the time, he realizes that especially encoutering like-minded so called foreigners and reflecting upon travel experiences servie him lasting enrichment. This is what gives his life that extra something.

To answer the question -Where do I belong to? – he puts his focus off the path on self-development and the simplicity of life. Taking into account that society beliefs pressure him the most, he comes to his conclusion. The world is full of opportunities and the key to happiness is inside of him.

By doing many steps out of his comfort zone intho the unknown, he receives clear callings to explore more, not just abroad, but also to be curious in his every-day life. Till now, that’s the way how he grows and broadens his horizon. Lukas feels sure that slow travelling is an important part of his universal education. Ever since this insight, he travels consciously with persistence …


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INQUIRIES & BOOKINGS via bikingboundlessly@gmail.com

INQUIRIES & BOOKINGS via bikingboundlessly@gmail.com

Live on stage there are many various ways to experience the spirit of Lukas and the „Bikingboundlessly“ project:

|    Audience-based specialist lecture

1) The Beauty of Slow Travel – On the traces of Hygge through Nothern Europe

2) Environmental Travel – An eco-journey through Green Europe

3) Educational Travel – Step out, travel & reflect

4) ReThink mobility – Progress with cycling

||    Workshops

|||    Moderation of discussion / reflection groups



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